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Hi! I’m Nicolai Amende. Thank you for visiting my website! One day, when I was seven years old, I was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast.  There was a near-empty bottle of hot sauce on the table, and I read the ingredients. I thought it looked simple enough to make, so I gathered all the ingredients (we had a family garden with a couple of hot pepper plants), tossed them in a food processor, and gave it a whirl. The result was vinegar with chunks of peppers floating around - it wasn’t very good, but over the next couple years, I kept trying different recipes and techniques.  When I was 10, friends and family thought I had some hot sauce recipes that were pretty much perfect. The following year, I started my business, Nicolai Amende Signature, and Five Pepper Blend hot sauces.  


From the start, I wanted my hot sauces to have an amazing, natural, robust pepper flavor, and complimentary heat level.  Hot sauces should not overwhelm the foods you put them on, but enhance your taste experience.  In my opinion, too many hot sauces are just pepper-flavored vinegars - not that there is anything wrong with that, but I want lush pepper flavor.  That is why my sauces are thicker.  They have a high pulp-to-brine ratio.  Yes, it takes a lot of peppers to make my hot sauces.


I insist on using non-GMO chili peppers, grown in Minnesota using natural farming practices – no man-made herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. I don’t use anything artificial – no colorings or flavors.

Five Pepper Blend hot sauces are the real deal, genuine and wholesome.  They complement most any food you enjoy hot sauce on, whether eggs, tacos, burritos, cabbage rolls, pizza, tomato cocktails, popcorn, the list goes on, and on! 

Who is

Nicolai Amende?

I am always thankful for your patronage and support!

My sauces start with

non-GMO peppers,

naturally grown without man-made herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers.

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